Menu Planning 101

I love this post. I especially like the comments about ‘family mealtime’. One additional suggestion i would add is to include your family, particularly kids, in the meal planning process. It stimulates conversation and helps to ensure the meal planning is success.

Table For One

The concept of “menu planning”, or determining your meals ahead of time, is something I never quite grasped until I moved out of my parents’ house. At home my mom just seemed to be able to whip up anything for our family at the drop of a hat. Little did I know, she had mastered the concept of menu planning and that was one of the reasons for her success in making quick and healthy meals for our big family.

Here at Food $ense we like to promote menu planning because it has so many benefits. When you plan your meals ahead of time you’re more likely to have regular family mealtime. This helps to provide more structure for yourself, your kids, and your spouse. Family mealtime gives your children a safe environment and allows them to talk freely and try new foods. It also encourages good behavior in kids and adolescents and…

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