#groceryshopping results for the #menuplan for the weeks of 6/6/2016 and 6/13/2016

It’s been a while since we posted any results of our shopping efforts.

So how did we do this week at meeting our goal of staying under $200 for 2 weeks dinners, the Week Starting 6/6/2016 and the Week Starting 6/13/2016

We were fortunate this week since Sprouts was having a great sale on several of the items we needed for out menus. Admittedly, we did look at the advertisements before we went shopping. But the great part was all of the unadvertised store specials that Crest had this week. Normally we go to Sprouts first to pick up our vegetables but this week we were running really late and they had closed so we went to Crest first and were pleasantly surprised. How often does that happen?

So this is how we ended up doing

$ 139.47 - Sprouts
$ 40.78  - Crest
$180.25 - Grand Total

$ 19.75 - Under Budget

Clearly there is no substitute for Meal Planning.

Join us for our upcoming Theme Weeks

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