Guess #whatsfordinner tonight 7/14/2016 its #healthy

This has become a go to dish for us. It is so easy and flavorful. Its also the perfect food for this time of year. With our ‘Summer electric plan’ in play it fits in beautifully.  Absolutely no oven or stove top cooking. It did use several gadgets for cooking, a rice cooker, a crock pot, and a Microwave.

We had this wonderful Orange Chicken that is made in a crock pot. Most versions of orange chicken involve batter and deep frying. This time of year we want something lighter. This version fits the bill. Put this on a little brown rice, top it with coconut, mandarin oranges and green onions and oh my! your mouth will water.

On the side add a microwave version of Pea Pods with Carrots and you have quite a meal.

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